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Earn rewards when you bring new businesses to PartnerStack, and help more companies discover the power of partnerships.

Why join the PartnerStack Certified partner program?

PartnerStack is the only partner management platform built especially for B2B SaaS companies — and more and more SaaS companies are looking to partnerships as their next major growth channel. You can help them build it.

When you join the PartnerStack Certified partner program, you’ll get access to resources that help you master the partnerships space and grow relationships with valuable SaaS audiences, along with earning rewards every time you refer a new customer to PartnerStack.

Partner programs that work for you

Whether you want to drive traffic, refer potential customers, or sell PartnerStack directly to clients,
you can get rewarded for helping businesses discover the power of PartnerStack.

For affiliates

Help more businesses discover PartnerStack by driving traffic through your unique, trackable affiliate link.

A great fit for content creators, marketers and anyone with influence online.

For Referrals

Know people who could use PartnerStack? Refer them to us and get rewarded when they become customers.

Perfect for consultancies and even existing PartnerStack customers.

For Resellers

Deliver real ROI and own your client’s entire experience with PartnerStack — with direct support from our team.

For agencies, Value-Added Resellers (VAR), Managed Service Providers (MSP).

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