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PartnerStack is built on the belief that growth in every form happens fastest when people work together.

That belief powers more than just our product. It powers us.

Photo of PartnerStack's founders, Luke, Bryn, Neil, and Jon in front of YCombinator sign
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PartnerStack started with a silly-sounding idea: Could we make a machine that prints money for businesses?

That silly idea led us to an actual insight: the fastest-growing SaaS companies had already figured out how to rapidly scale revenue without escalating their costs at the same time.

That’s how we made it our mission to connect companies and partners together to create incredible growth, the same way the world’s most successful SaaS companies do.

And because our customers are growing, so are we.

Photo of Bryn Jones
Bryn Jones
Chief Executive Officer,
Photo of Daniel Shapiro
Daniel Shapiro
Chief Product Officer
Photo of Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones
Chief Finance & Operations Officer
Photo of Clayton Ramnarine
Clayton Ramnarine
Chief Sales Officer
Photo of Luke Swanek
Luke Swanek
Photo of Star Hofer
Star Hofer
VP, Customer Success
Photo of Neil Chudleigh
Neil Chudleigh
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Photo of Tyler Calder
Tyler Calder
VP, Marketing

How we stay connected

Since PartnerStack's founding in 2015, our team’s grown from 4 people to over 150 today. We’re bringing on new talent all the time — even if we’ve had to change how we do it.

That’s because like many companies this year, PartnerStack was forced to leave its Toronto HQ and go all-remote.

It hasn't always been easy. But it's also helped us find new ways to stay connected, for work and for fun, even when far apart.

Photo of Nikita Zhitkevich

"We support each other like family as we take on exciting new challenges, seeing everything as an opportunity for learning and growth."

Nikita Zhitkevich
Partnerships and Alliances
Photo of Jenna Earnshaw

"I'm so humbled to have the opportunity to grow my career and help others grow theirs. The team and values we share make me proud to work at PartnerStack."

Jenna Earnshaw
Sales manager
Photo of Katie Clark

"PartnerStack redefined for me what it means for a workplace to be healthy and supportive. The people here truly elevate you to be the best you can be."

Katie Clark
Onboarding consultant
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Valuing action over aspiration

Our mission goes beyond helping companies grow — we help people grow, too. We center our values around making PartnerStack the best place to build up your skills and yourself.

Think like an owner

Better work happens when everyone is empowered to contribute everywhere. Your title and team shouldn’t limit the impact you can create.

Learn relentlessly

Work should be an opportunity to experiment, learn and level up your skills. Rather than avoid the unfamiliar, we dive in headfirst.

Strength from vulnerability

We believe the best way to build bonds and share knowledge is to communicate openly, and help each other feel safe doing so.

Accountability in solutions

See something? Do something. When we spot issues and opportunities, we bring ideas that keep us — and the conversation — moving forward.

Built by believers in partnerships

We believe partnerships will change the way every business makes money. And it isn't just us who see the potential.

Alongside our team, our partners and our customers, PartnerStack is built with the support of investors and organizations who share our vision for helping businesses grow better together.

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