Partnerships as a growth channel
What the fastest growing SaaS companies have already figured out
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In 2021, the number of interactions during the typical buyer’s journey jumped from 17 to 27. Coupled with the ever-increasing number of solutions available, companies are struggling to stay top of mind of their prospects.

But what have some of the fastest-growing SaaS companies have figured out? Building far-reaching ecosystems of business partners — affiliates, ambassadors, referrers, and resellers — allows them to close more deals, generate more leads, and drive more web traffic.

Companies in growth mode, especially SaaS companies, are constantly looking for revenue opportunities that are predictable and scalable and partnerships enable just that.

In this free guide from PartnerStack and Demand Gen Report, you'll learn:
  1. The ROI of partnerships
  2. Why automation is key to scaling partner programs
  3. The importance of partner engagement and personalization to program success
  4. Why it’s critical to prioritize the partner experience
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